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Stamped Concrete

a house with concrete patio and fire pit

Concrete is by far the most popular building material across the globe. No matter what type of structure you may be constructing, concrete is usually the best choice by far. However, and we will be the first to admit this. Concrete is also usually not the most appealing material when it comes to anesthetic beauty.  Well, this is no longer the case. Over the years the industry has developed a wide range of stamping solutions to give your concrete an overall better look and feel. For some of the best concrete stamping solutions, money can buy, give us a call today.

Stamped Concrete Patio

Many of our clients spend countless hours relaxing and entertaining on their patios. This inevitably means that they will need a surface that not only looks beautiful but is also able to handle all the abuse that it will go through overtime. We are proud to say that here at Concrete Contractors Of Charlotte, we have managed to find the perfect balance between the two. This means we can help our clients achieve that overall look and feel when it comes to their dream patio. To find out more, all you need to do is call us right away.

Stamped Concrete Cost

As with any service or product that is classified as a specialist, stamped concrete is generally more expensive than a plain solution. But we can promise you that it is worth every penny. There are 3 main aspects one needs to consider when trying to determine the cost of the actual surface itself. The size of the area needs to be concreted. The next one needs to take into account the color and stamp design that would suit you best. Once these have been established, we will be able to give you a better idea of what your dream stamped concrete solution will set you back.

Stamped Concrete Designs

This is where things begin to get fun. With a wide range of beautiful design choices on hand, we are sure that you will find your perfect match in absolutely no time. We can perfectly imitate patterns such as wood, tile, stone, slate, brick, and many more. This means that no matter what look and feel you aim to achieve, we have the perfect solution for you. To get a better idea of the quality of our workmanship, please go have a look through our detailed online catalogs. We are sure you will see what you have been looking for.

Stamped Concrete VS Pavers

Both these options will give you a beautiful look and feel if professionally installed. The key difference between the two is how they are designed and laid. Stamped concrete is poured as a single slab. It is then embossed with the selected pattern and allowed to try. Pavers, however, are multicolored pieces of concrete that interlock to form a solid surface. To find out a little bit more about these two solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us right away. Our experts are ready and waiting to answer any questions you may have.

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