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Concrete Finishing

man polishing the concrete flooring

In the past, many of our clients tended to shy away from concrete because it had extremely limited aesthetic value. We are proud to report that with the advancements in the industry over the last couple of decades, this is no longer the case. At Concrete Contractors Of Charlotte, we have a wide range of concrete finishing techniques to ensure that no matter what look you may want to achieve, we can help you get there. So please have a look below to find out a little more. We are sure you will find what you have been looking for.

Concrete Floor Finishing

This is by far the most common concrete finishing request we receive from our clients. This is precisely why this solution contains the widest variety of choices under one roof. No matter the look or feel you may be looking for, we can guarantee you that our concrete floor finishing techniques are perfectly designed for you. So instead of following the pack and laying tiles or carpet, be a little different and go concrete. All you need to do is call us and our experts will handle the rest. We promise you will be nothing but 1OO% satisfied.

Broom Finish Concrete

We bet you didn't even know this technique was even possible. What is going to blow your mind is that this is by far the most popular finishing technique when it comes to exterior flatwork. The look is created by simply pulling a broom over the freshly poured concrete. This is also known as brooming. This will give the surface texture and increase its overall slip resistance. To get a better idea of what this technology can offer, please go have a look through our detailed online catalogs. Then pick up the phone and give us a call today.


Many people seem to be under the impression that concrete finishing is all about ensuring the surface looks aesthetically pleasing after it has been set. Whilst this is true, we promise it is not the most important aspect of concrete finishing. This technique is crucial to ensuring your newly poured surface settles correctly. Any spaces or air bubbles not corrected will eventually cause the surface to crack, chip, or even become uneven. To nip this in the but before it becomes a problem, all you need to do is give us a call today. We promise your surface will be nothing but perfect.

Concrete Finishing Costs

Whilst some things may change, some things will always remain the same. When it comes to costing your concrete finishing solution, the normal aspects such as size will influence the cost. The variable costs come into play when one takes into account what type of finish your concrete surface will have. Once these and a few other aspects have been calculated, we guarantee we will provide you with a competitive quote that will provide you with the perfect balance between quality and cost-effectiveness. So if you have been looking for real value for money solutions, you have come to the right place.

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